About The Hero's Handbook

The Handbook is my modern day hieroglyphic. It is an intentional quest to leave a legacy or, if not that, then a resource from which my children might forever be able to gleam the ideas, challenges, values and personality of their father. With every second, our lives grow closer to that lurking and unknown moment in which life instantly shifts from making memories to becoming one. What we do in those moments is up to us. I intend to use mine up. Completely. Building bravery and kindness.

The Hero's Handbook is not so much a guide but a story. It is raw and real and a reflection of my life in pursuit of something more. It draws from the lessons of my past, my education and experience, to outline the developing path of my life's journey. With bravery and kindness as its guiding values, The Hero's Handbook is a reflection of me - the photos I take, the places I go, the people I meet and the things I learn along the way. The Handbook is my quest to be a better father, husband, man and person. I am not an expert - just a guy in search of his potential, hoping to make an impact along the way.

Yours Truly,

Ryan Sutter

"Be the change you want to see in the world" ~ Gandhi

Who is Ryan Sutter?

Perhaps best know as the poetry writing fireman Trista chose on ABC’s first season of The Bachelorette, Ryan continues his pursuit of the poetic life. Born, raised, educated and currently living in Colorado, Ryan embodies the adventurous spirit of the place he loves more than any other.

Ryan’s Colorado inspired path began as a child in the outdoor community of Fort Collins. From there he went on to study architecture and play football at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he graduated with a degree in environmental design and all-Conference honors as a member of the Golden Buffaloes. Ryan’s accomplishment’s on the football field resulted in him being selected in the 5th round of the NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens. Ryan eventually settled in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers. He played only one season before suffering a career ending shoulder injury.

After football, Ryan joined the fire service as a member of the Town of Vail Fire Department. He quickly advanced up the ranks to the Lieutenants position where he currently serves out of Vail’s busiest firehouse #2. Ryan holds instructor level certification in technical rope and swift water rescue and serves as a member of the Vail Mountain Rescue group. Recently, Ryan received his Masters degree in Organizational Leadership from Johns Hopkins University.

Ryan’s interests remain true to his adventurous nature. Among other things, he has completed two Ironman triathlons, eight Leadville 100 mountain bike races – including one Leadman – and the New York and Boston Marathons. Recreationally his spare time is spent in the wild – skiing, biking, hiking or paddling towards the next adventure. Ryan’s daily life is heavily influenced by his environmental and social conscious. Those, along with the combination of his scholastic, athletic, adventurous and conscientious attributes, has lead Ryan’s focus towards the development of heroic potential – his own and others. The keys to which Ryan believes lay in embracing two simple values, Bravery and Kindness.

Trista and Ryan Sutter currently reside outside of Vail, Colorado. They have two kids, Max and Blakesley, and two dogs, Tank and Sophie.

Ryan At A Glance

Father & Husband
Ryan’s role as a father and husband are his most important and the inspiration behind The Hero’s Handbook.
Ryan holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Johns Hopkins University.  He’s focussed on maximizing heroic potential.
Ryan believes in physical challenge as a path towards holistic growth and balance. Adventure and experience outline his life’s purpose.
Ryan’s socially chronicled life provides an audience for his voice and a platform for communication and outreach.