Becoming Dad

I was just in Austin, TX. There for a Twitter event covering the finale of ABC’s 21st season of the Bachelor, Trista and I got our first taste of Austin’s famed South by Southwest festival. We had a great time in Texas. The vibrant, friendly people of Austin and the “South By” crew were … Continue reading

In Defense of Defense

About a week ago, leading up to his first Congressional Address, President Donald Trump announced his plan to increase The United States’ defense spending by 10 percent or some 54 billion dollars. While that seems like a lot, there have been larger increases to the defense budget by past … Continue reading

A Land of Opportunity

Bear with me… I did not vote for Donald Trump. I do not believe him to possess the professional, political or moral skills necessary in effective leadership. I don’t trust him. I have questions regarding his integrity. I consider him neither brave nor kind. My feelings about President … Continue reading

No, You Go First

The other day I was taking Sophie, our family dog, for a walk on a near-by trail. As we progressed down the path, another dog owner and his faithful companion approached from the opposite direction. Sophie noticed the dog and the dog noticed Sophie. Both dogs stopped. Then both dogs ran a couple of … Continue reading