Who am I?

I am Ryan Sutter. Trista's choice on the first season of ABC's The Bachelorette. I believe in the heroic power of bravery and kindness and that coffee is best taken black.


What is the Hero's Handbook?

The Hero's Handbook is my blog. The intent is to inspire bravery and kindness in myself and others. ``Be the change you want to see.`` ~Gandhi~

Fun in the Snow…

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Lessons from The Bachelor – What’s in a Name?

This is a different kind of Bachelor blog post. It is not a judgment or critique. It is rather a reflection – a comparison if you will. Though there were...
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My Bachelor Resolution

The latest installment of The Bachelor starts tonight and I’ll be watching. It’s my New Year’s Resolution. Let me explain… Resolutions made at the turn of the year, or goals...
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Why We Do

The following is a guest blog (my first guest blog actually) written by fellow firefighter and close friend John LoFaro of Vail Fire and LoFaro Smithworks Ltd.  I wrote about Johnny...
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The Spaces In Between

So here we are, right smack dab in the middle of that ambiguous period of time that exists between Christmas and the New Year. It’s a limbo like state in...
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Why We Ski

An article I recently had published in the 2016 MomTrends Family Ski Guide.  Enjoy!...
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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.

With just over a week left until Christmas, I thought I’d throw some suggestions out to anyone still looking for gift ideas for the adventurous gentleman.  These are 20 of my...
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