Have you ever woken up in the morning, participated in the day and found yourself crawling back into bed at night wondering where the time went?  Or rather, what exactly you did with it all?  24 hours is a lot of time but it goes by fast.  And we don’t get it back.  Sometimes, quite often lately, I sit and reflect on the purpose of my life.  Not in a metaphorically deep sense, but more so in a manner of curiosity.  I know I have a potential and, like all of us, it is vast.  I wonder how to maximize it?  Am I on a path that maintains a positive course or am I on a path that simply maintains?  Maintenance is easy.  It requires just enough effort to convince us that we might being making progress, but while replacing the burned out headlight on your truck might require a bit of work, it really didn’t improve the vehicle.  It just maintained it.

The good news is, continuing with the truck analogy, proper upkeep leaves us with a well maintained truck that’s all ready to go.  We just need to put in some fuel, start’er up and drive.  It doesn’t matter if we have a destination.  The point is just to move, get inspired, take some chances, challenge ourselves in pursuit of our potential.  Life is about the journey right?  How many times have you heard that and just kept waking up, routinely participating in the day and crawling back into bed?  The concept is simple and makes so much sense, yet the struggle is real.

So how do we change?  How do we write the next chapter of our lives instead of simply re-reading the same one over and over? I believe the secret lies in the fundamental pursuit of our individual heroic potentials.  I’ll get more in depth with the concept of heroic potential later, but for now the focus is on putting intention back into life through the establishment of two key values; Bravery and Kindness.  If everyday we do something brave and something kind then we’ve inherently created a new experience and fostered a new relationship.  Bravery is to overcome fear through action.  It’s outcome a new experience from which we can grow towards our potential.  Kindness is an act of caring towards another resulting in a fostered relationship and the expansion of our capabilities.

Valuing bravery and kindness, instilling them into our lives, is as simple as maintenance but far less mundane.  As ideals they can be implemented into life as a means of improving ourselves as parents, spouses, professionals and people.  In The Hero’s Handbook and through Social Media I’ll share my efforts to focus on life’s journey, to avoid the ordinary use of my time and to live the values of Bravery and Kindness.  I hope you’ll follow along, contribute, and journey alongside me.  Lets all do as Gandhi advised and, “Be the change (we) want to see in the world.”