With just over a week left until Christmas, I thought I’d throw some suggestions out to anyone still looking for gift ideas for the adventurous gentleman.  These are 20 of my favorite things as well as some stuff on my wish list.  Feel free to send a comment with questions or other ideas.  Enjoy and thanks for reading!



The garage is the guy’s equivalent to a woman’s closet.  It’s a storage area and so much more.  My garage is a workshop and workout room.  It’s filled with tools and stuff to keep both my gear and myself in shape.  Here are a few of the essentials:

Racermate CompuTrainer – In Vail the weather is not always friendly.  For the days I can’t ride my bike outside, I hook it up to the CompuTrainer for a tailor made indoor riding experience.

Everlast Heavy Bag, Gloves & Jump Rope – The Compu Trainer hits the legs and the punching bag works the upper body and relieves any pent up stress.  Be sure to get some gloves so you don’t tear up your knuckles.  Unless you’re into that kind of thing.  If you have the room, the jump rope is the best of both worlds.

Craftsman Tool Boxes – It takes a lot of tools to be a guy.  I keep mine organized in various sized Craftsman tool boxes cause they hold up and look good.

DeWalt Cordless Tools – Cords are a pain and easy to trip over.  DeWalt makes a cordless tool for just about any task.  The drills and screwdrivers are essential in my life.

Swix Ski Tuning Gear – In order to keep my skis and snowboard in shape all season long, it takes a bit of effort at home.  I use Swix products in between major tune ups to ensure I’m always gliding smooth.

Park Bike Tools – Though it’s winter now, Bike season is always just around the corner.  Park tools makes everything you could ever need to fix, clean and maintain your ride.

Missing but Wanted – Though it’s a long shot, I’ve always wanted a dirt bike to go exploring on.  Someday maybe the garage will have the honor of housing my dream ride, a KTM 690 Enduro R???


I don’t spend a ton of time in the office (that’s not an accident), but when I am in there, I like to be productive.  Here are some office favorites.

Apple Stuff – I still have my original iPod.  I’m an Apple guy and most likely always will be.  I appreciate the functionality and am willing to put up with a minor glitch from time to time.  The ability to take great photos from a phone has changed my world.  Can’t wait for iPhone 8!

Best Made Journal – Best selling author Tim Ferris believes in the 5 minute journal and so do I.  I find I appreciate the process more when done on a simple but nice notebook like this one.

Pencils and Pens – As an architecture major, I guess I really never got over having nice writing utensils.  JetPens.com has an awesome variety of options cause everyone should have at least one nice pen!

FluidStance Level – Sometime I sit.  Sometimes I stand.  When I stand, it’s on a Fluidstance Level.

Missing but Wanted – When I sit, I wish it was on a Herman Miller chair.


Unlike the office, I love being outside.  The right gear helps in creating a memorable experience.  This is just a sampling of my outdoor favorites.

Black Diamond Touring Gear – As a means of both fitness and enjoyment, I love getting out on my Alpine Touring gear.  The stuff from Black Diamond is light enough for the trip up and sturdy enough for the ride down.

Jones Splitboard with Karakoram Bindings – Sometimes I like to snowboard the back country.  This set up has proven to be bomber.

Best Made Hudson Bay Ax – I carry an ax on every backpacking trip.  You never know when you’ll need some firewood or a good shave!  This one is the perfect size for the job.

Jet Boil Stove – When you’re backpacking or camping, you need to eat.  These stoves are compact and heat up fast.  I don’t leave home without one.

Patagonia Thermal and Outer Layers – An all around awesome company with superior gear.  You’ve gotta stay warm.  I love my Patagonia!

Voormi River Run Hoodie – It’s not Patagonia but it’s just as awesome and made in Colorado.  The most versatile piece of clothing I own.

Vasque Boots – If you like to get new boots every year, don’t get these.  They last forever.

Garmin GPS – Garmin has about a million products to keep you (or your kids) from getting lost!  I love the Fenix Watch and Virb Camera.

Missing but Wanted – I used to have a Polaris RMK Snowmobile.  I wish I still did!

Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays! Etc, Etc.